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Please find free printable routine cards below to help you and your loved ones adjust to this new normal. Establishing a routine will provide young ones/everyone with expectations and defined roles of participation which will reduce anxiety. These are basic building blocks for your day, so please customize away and be flexible. Print, cut out, choose a few to place on the wall or fridge and try it out!


Take a deep breath.

Be gracious to yourself and to others. Everyone has been disrupted and is a little scared, but we all are in this together.

With Love,

Alyssa Cruz-Lockner, LMFT

San Diego therapist

Hello my fellow coronavirus shut-ins!

Family Project Ideas:

Bake cookies

Clean the garage

Picnic in the backyard

Film Festival

Paint the inside or outside of the house

Fix up the bikes

Build something

Plant a garden 

Board games


Family food competition

Exercise Ideas:





Jump rope

Stream a work out

Dance party

Helping Others:

Support any front line workers you know

Write notes to your neighbors, especially elderly, offering to help share or shop for them

If you have enough---share

Call your friends and see what they need

This is an amazing time to show love to others

Practice Instrument=Learn Something New

What have you always wanted to learn?  It's youtube time! You can also contact musicians and artists for facetime lessons--they're available and need the income.

Water color painting

Learn a new language 

Learn to sketch

Learn guitar

Learn to cake decorate

Take singing lessons

Take a free college course online


Sit in the sun for 5 minutes every day and try to keep the same schedule the sun does--don't go nocturnal.  Be flexible, there aren't times on the cards for a reason.  Don't demand 2 hours of school from your child or yourself if that is not flowing today, just move on to the next thing on the schedule.  Cuddle, cuddle, cuddle --we all need hugs, affection and comfort and we will need extra when dealing with anxiety and uncertainties at a time like this.

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