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Merry Christmas



"My son is amazing and I love him!  Sometimes he lets me kiss his cheekys, sometimes he hits me with a pillow and yells thumb tack!"

My beautiful wife amazes me with her capacity to deal with a toddler, care for her husband and build a private practice. Meanwhile, I have been teaching chemistry lecture and lab courses at PLNU and at Palomar College. I'm thrilled to continue growing in my capacity to teach at the college level. I often tell my students to find out what makes them come alive and go after it. I think I've found something that really is gratifying, something that I might do for free -- but one can't do that while living in California! I'm thankful that my employment affords me many opportunities to spend time with my son. He and I commute to/from PLNU three days a week! I am humbled by how much patience and self-sacrifice it takes to raise a child. With Jackson, I'm gaining an education I never knew I always needed. Watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Tumbleleaf, hearing my son proclaim "Dad, your mac 'n cheese is the best", or "Daddy, I want you to carry me" -- completely worth it as a father!


  "I go to school, my teacher is Ms. Groves.  I go to school with Daddy. And I swing on the swings!"

Preschool is a game changer!  Jackson started at the Early Childhood Learning Center at Point Loma Nazarene University in September.  He really loves it .  He has an ocean view from his playground--- lucky kid. Jonathan and Jackson are carpool buddies and commute together Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Jackson is into singing but the words are not quite accurate; "let it go, let it go...we are not going to take this anymore!" and is a junior worship leader/will demand you sing King of My Heart multiple times in a row.  Jackson continues to bake cakes, chocolate chip cookies, and pancakes.  He will wake up and say "what can we make today" as soon as his eyes open. Volcanoes, lava lamps, sewing, paper chains, laundry, making bread with Bumpa, watering the garden at Nani and Bumpa's and  making slime are current  favorite activities. He loves growing tomatoes too! He's an amazing helper and always up for a project.  We are astounded by his curiosity and kindness.


"What a year!"


I stopped consulting at the hospital on weekends to focus entirely on my private practice.  It was  a scary moment of faith but God has blessed my little office and I couldn't be more delighted to go to work. I'm amazed every day I get to serve incredible people in my community and enjoy a variety of individuals, couples, families and kids.  Every day of work is a God's provision for my family and keeps me on my knees seeking God's guidance, so I know I am in the right place.  I have tried to concentrate my work on MWF when Jackson is in preschool and Tu, Thu I can be found in scrubby clothes running after my handsome preschooler at the Zoos, parks and museums around town.  My mom and dad retired this year, and had a beautiful vow renewal (photos below).  They have allowed Jonathan, Jackson and I to maintain the schedule we have and have been an immense blessing in helping us with this active and curious kiddo.  My Mom and her siblings have also been caring for my aging Grandma Amy.  Overall, I am filled with gratitude and enjoying every moment we have together .

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