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Wishing you a wonder-filled    Christmas & a happy new year! 

We made it!  Thank you for the honor of being your therapist.  This year was was brought to you by my husband, Mom, Dad, amazing nanny Kennedy and extended tribe.  It's a constant tag team effort wrangling these kiddos and each tribe member has enriched each of our lives with life lessons, fresh chicken eggs, snacks, prayers, conversation, trampolines and love.  I have learned this year I cannot to everything myself and we weren't meant to.  Shout out to my son's elementary school teacher, flag football coach, Target drive up, Costco, bubbles, growing tomatoes, weeds, dirt, legos, coffee and you!  Thank you for giving me the best job in the world, and the joy of accompanying you on your journey. 

Super cute family photos by: Megs Levi
Try her out! She's amazing!

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