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About The Questionnaires

This project began when I was sick one day and angry that my partner didn't know to fulfill my unspoken expectations of: homemade chicken soup, water, tea, rainbow sherbet, and occasional sympathetic company to listen to me whine and state "I am sorry you feel miserable."  As I stood grumpily stirring the homemade chicken soup I made myself, I exclaimed: "I need to come with a manual!"


I created a simple spreadsheet and asked my husband to answer the question; "When I am sick, I would like." When he became sick later in the week I knew he wanted a grilled cheese sandwich, tomato soup, an ample supply of cough drops, and minimal company.    This spreadsheet expanded into other areas of our marriage, and I began to use them in my therapy practice with clients.  It helped pinpoint issues causing the most friction and helped to voice previously unspoken expectations each person had.  

Completing these questionnaires DOES NOT COUNT AS MARRIAGE THERAPY. 


These questionnaires are tools to see which areas in your relationship need addressing, and explore expectations in the relationship.  It's an effort to use technology to make something more custom and applicable than another marriage book.  Print out your results, chat with your partner, and if you need to, go see your therapist and get to work!

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